Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Eric The Librarian Daily Launches

If you wandered to this blog you may have noticed that I've tweeted lately, but I haven't posted to the blog itself. I'm not yet recommitting to the blog, but I have started a new site via called The Eric The Librarian Daily, ideally pointing you to relevant news on library technology and user experience, along with more general news from The New York Times and the photojournalism of Life magazine (which has kept surviving in one form or another since 1936). The content mix will change over time as I refine it.

Also check out my favorited* sites, including John DiGilio's The Librariana Daily, which was the first one I followed, and another brand-new site, Ian Clark's The Infoism Daily. [* Yes, "favorited" seems to be an accepted word in this sphere, as opposed to "favored" or just "favorite."]

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